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NC Corporate Solutions

How We Work

NC Corporate Solutions is a staffing and recruiting agency located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Our job is to locate motivated individuals seeking employment and place them with companies looking for temporary or permanent employees. We use next-generation methods and a proven system to recruit those that fit our clients’ needs.

NCCS ensures high quality recruits by vetting everyone that we onboard. We look at all aspects — employment history, background, skillsets, and drug screening results. Once a person has been vetted, we put them on a waiting list divided by industry and type of work.

When a client notifies us of their employment needs, we review our waiting list and locate the best recruits that fit our clients’ needs. From there, we explain our clients’ needs to each recruit and make sure the arrangement is logical for all parties involved. Once our client accepts, we inform the recruit what’s to come, when they should report to work, and we give them a run down of what’s expected from them in their new workplace.

When all this in complete, our recruits begin working with our clients. But we don’t stop here — NCCS will stay in touch with clients to make sure they’re satisfied with our recruits and to ensure a smooth transition from recruit to employee.


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